Blogs contents: My First Blog

Hi all,

This is my first blog. I thought of writing blogs long back but work never allowed me or i may be never took it seriously. But from now on words i have committed myself to write at least 2 posts in a week.

I am an Information Security freak and loves to explore gadgets. So the blog post will likely contain all the things i come across while working or while exploring new gadgets, tools. I may post some advisories, security tutorials and sample codes. While doing research i often have to deal with new network topologies, Virtualization and interoperability with different gadgets. So there are slim chances of you finding some admin stuffs too. You can also expect reviews on security tools, books etc.

I might upload some tools and which i am planning to develop on my iPhone 😉 and some HOWTO’s for iphone/ipods.

I hope you people out there will comment on my writeup and give feedbacks/suggestions so that i can improve quality of the writeup and keep my blogging spirit high.

Thank you,


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