iPhone Hacking Video: iSpit V1.5


Having said in my last blog, iSpit can allow remote user to gain root access to the iPhone; i am going to show you how easily one can gain root access and do whatever s/he wants on your iPhone.

In the following video, i have changed the default root password of my iPhone from alpine to password. This is to show that, even if people have changed their default password, its easy to crack them. Choosing weak root password will help us to finish the video demo quickly.

If you have read my previous blog regarding changing root password of iPhone, you must be knowing that iPhone password can not be more than 8 chars. So we should consider that attacker can always crack the password using freely available password cracking tools like – john the ripper, cain and able etc

In my demo network shown in video, there were two iPhones – Locked and Activated with AT&T and other is Unlocked, jailbreaked and installed with iSpit V1.5

I know the video quality sucks, please bear with it. You can watch good quality video at milw0rm. Follow this link and search for bughira.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and now you are smart enough to decide : should we install iSpit on iPhone or not?

Let me know if you have any questions/comments about the video.


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