CISCO SKINNY Phones and Asterisk: Part I

Welcome to the my first multi-part tutorial on configuring Cisco Skinny Phones with Asterisk. This is two part tutorial and is divided as :

  1. Part 1: Configuring asterisk with Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) module
  2. Part II: Configuring the Cisco Phone and registering it with earlier configured Asterisk Server.

If you already have asterisk configured, you can happily skip the first step of this tutorial.

1) Install and Configure Asterisk

You can use following steps to install and configure asterisk PBX.

  • Get the latest Asterisk PBX software by –

root@\Bughira:# wget

  • Move under /usr/src and untar it.


  • Do ./configure to configure it.
  • Do make && make samples && make install

2) Configure Asterisk with SSCP module.

Asterisk can be configured to take registration from CISCO SKINNY Phones. We just need to add SCCP channel to asterisk. Following is the way to do it.

  • Get the chan_sccp_xxxx module from
  • This module comes in two different formats – Pre-compiled binary and Source code.
  • If you are using asterisk 1.4.x.xx , please download the source code for the chan_sccp channel and compile it to avoid compilation errors.
  • For pre-compiled channel, you just need to do “make clean; make install” inside untarred location and you are done.
  • While Source code version of chan_sccp can be downloaded from
  • Untar the chan_sccp_xxx.tar.gz under /usr/src

3) Compiling and configuring chan_sccp

1) Change CWD to /usr/src/chan_sccp-xxx directory
2) run following command to generate configuration file.
root@\Bughira:/usr/src/chan_sccp-20060408# /usr/include/
3) While /usr/include is the base directory where asterisk header files are located.
4) Once it has said “config.h complete.” you can proceed and do make.
5) root@\Bughira:/usr/src/chan_sccp-20060408# cp file /usr/lib/asterisk/modules”
6) Check if you have /etc/asterisk/modules.conf file present. If not you can always get them by “make samples” in asterisk source.
7) Add following two lines in /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

load =

noload =

4) Start Asterisk

 root@\Bughira:/usr/src/asterisk-1.4.21# asterisk -nvvvvc

Stay tunned as part two of this tutorial will contain:

  1. Editing sccp.conf file
  2. Setting TFTP server and required phone Configuration files.
  3. Registraion process of Phones.

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