Share Your Data Plan with Computer: iPhone Modem

Have you ever thought of using your AT & T data plan for your Laptop? Not unless you got some kind proxy application for iPhone.

iPhoneModem is an application for the iPhone that aims at making it really easy to use the iPhone’s Internet connection on your computer. iPhone modem application creates a WiFi Network on MAC and configure it to use socks proxy setup on the iPhone. Yes, iPhone modem uses socks proxy to share internet connection.

This application can surely save some bucks from your separate internet connection at home and effectively make use of your $70. This application is not available on Apple Store due to AT & T contractual limitations with Apple.

To install this application you need to jailbreak your iphone and should have cydia package manager. Application is reported to run successfully on new 2.1 Firmware.

A complete guide for installation and usage of different platform including MAC can be found here.

Enjoy your iPhone Modem.


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