VideoJak: Now Hijaking IP Video Surveillance Camera!!!

VIPER Lab researchers once again kept their promise of delivering exciting and freaky features in the upcoming version of videoJak.

VideoJak rocked Defcon 17 with some thrilling video attack demonstrations which we have seen only in Bond movies.

My earlier post talked about the old version of VideoJak which was used to demonstrate proof of concept (PoC) Video DoS attack against Cisco 7985 IP video phones.

VideoJak is updated with two brand new attacks.

  1. Video Replay, where same video stream is repeatedly played on the target video phone of  Cisco Surveillance  camera.
  2. Inserts completely random video stream in the ongoing video conversation or live feed from Surveillance  cameras.

Video Replay attack demo showed stealing of water bottle from the chair by replacing the live feed with the still video captured before the attack. While the second video attack demonstration played a short video clip from the movie “The Italian job”, thereby, replacing the live feed from surveillance camera.

We demand video solutions. Video solutions demand security 😉

Here is the video demonstration of both of the above attacks.


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